Personal Trainer Seeking Podcasting Opportunities


For Immediate Release: Beth Peroutka, a successful personal trainer in the Houston area recommends her colleague Chris Ybanez to share his inspirational message of recovery and mentoring the next generation. Says Beth, of Chris: “My…

The major value of the minor leagues


Every now and then I get approached by people who want themselves or someone they know to be on Ben Greenfield’s podcast. If you’re not familiar with the name, Ben Greenfield is a legit guru…

Why Rosy the Transcription Specialist Loves Her Job


As promised to my boss, James Newcomb, I draft the article to share the reason I chose to be a transcription editor. After I broke up with my 7-year-love and tried to get out of…

11 Social Media Marketing Podcast Episodes to Boost Your Wisdom


11 Social Media Marketing Podcast Episodes to Boost Your Wisdom : Social Media Examiner

Maybe time to quit relying on Apple to do our marketing for us?


It’s not just you—the Apple podcast app is a disaster

Let the man be himself!


I got a voice message from one of our podcast editing clients the other day. She had just interviewed someone who has a bit of a reputation for being a bit controversial, confrontational in his…

Exactly Who is Helping Who?


Several years ago, I received an invitation to be on a podcast. That’s always a welcome invitation, even if it’s clearly not an A-list show. You want to just get on as many shows as…

Things will never get back to normal


Like everyone else on the planet, I’m asking myself, “When will things get back to normal?” Meaning, when will society not look like a giant hospital? When will people stop wearing face masks on the…

The “Wow” Factor Was High on These Ones


There are moments that simply take our breath away, right? The first time doing, seeing, hearing something. Gives us the feeling of “wow”, overwhelming with emotion or wonder at whatever it is we’re experiencing. I’ve…

Tryers v. Buyers


What’s the difference between a “buyer” and a “tryer”? A buyer is someone who means business, and is ready to commit to making a purchase. Sure they may want to test it out before swiping…