Let the man be himself!

I got a voice message from one of our podcast editing clients the other day. She had just interviewed someone who has a bit of a reputation for being a bit controversial, confrontational in his communication, and just abrasive overall in general.

She was concerned that running this interview on her show would affect how listeners perceive her, that perhaps she’s enabling this person to be this way by having him on the show.

I told her, in essence, that this person is popular precisely because he’s confrontational, abrasive, controversial.

Remember the adage, “If it bleeds, it leads?”

It’s 100% true.

And while a lot of news outlets use that principle in less than savory ways, there is a way to use it with integrity.

In this case, people who tune in to the show, see this person’s name as the guest, are expecting him to be abrasive. It’s what has made him popular in his niche.

If he were to be edited down to Mr. Nice Guy, people would be disappointed, and the show itself would suffer.

Being “authentic” is just slightly overused in this day and age, but it’s amazing how few people are truly authentic, who know themselves inside and out and are not trying to sound like so and so’s popular podcast/blog/channel.

That is the overarching theme in my Podcasting Principles series of articles/audios. And they’re available – for a limited time – in the Committed Media mobile app.

I humbly declare that the principles apply to any online presence, not just podcasting. I only use the word “podcasting” because podcasting/youtube/bloggingprinciples.com was already taken.

To read/listen to the series, visit the link below, then follow the instructions on how to download the app.


James Newcomb