Personal Trainer Seeking Podcasting Opportunities

For Immediate Release:

Beth Peroutka, a successful personal trainer in the Houston area recommends her colleague Chris Ybanez to share his inspirational message of recovery and mentoring the next generation.

Says Beth, of Chris:

“My colleague, Chris Ybanez, has suffered an Achilles tendon rupture and has gone through quite the arduous recovery process while continuing to train elite high school athletes at the highest levels, particularly girls. His knowledge and humbling journey through his recovery process (which I have witnessed first hand) is nothing short of inspirational. Additionally, his work with elite female youth athletes (something that not many coaches of his level and academic prowess level specialize in) sets him apart. I believe he is probably one of the best coaches in the country and he is on the precipice of opening up a huge and exclusive youth performance facility in the woodlands, Texas. I say all this because I believe he would make a great interview for Ben. I don’t know if you have any ability to suggest people for Ben to interview (I’m sure he has a list of candidates a mile long), but I would humbly like to suggest Chris. I admire and respect him greatly and his story is one that will surely inspire, motivate, and encourage.”

Ideal podcasts would be: Health and fitness, inspirational, resilience, spirituality

To book Chris for your podcast, send an email to: