Lip Injury Sidelines Trumpeter, Leads to New Career as Fitness Entrepreneur

By James Newcomb | 05/24/2021 |

The pain in the lip began during the first year of doctoral studies. It would come and go intermittently, then gradually with more frequency and intensity in pain. Then one day during a symphony rehearsal, the pain seared through her face, going as far as underneath her eye. Her lip was the size of a golf ball; the bruising was extensive.

Beth’s days as a trumpet player were effectively over.

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Despised and Rejected by Men (and Mom): Rebecca Kiessling’s Journey From Castaway Orphan to Advocate for the Unborn

By James Newcomb | 05/17/2021 | Rebecca came to know the circumstances in which she was conceived…01:30Feeling targeted by society due to the “rape exception” clause in most abortion laws-A…

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Made by Jesus: Ex-Crackhead Falls From Mafia’s Grace, Finds New Life In the Son of God

By James Newcomb | 05/10/2021 |

“I’ve got it made.” That phrase means different things to different people. To you and me, it might mean everything is exactly how we want…

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“Borne In the Gulag”: The Unboring Story How This Show Came To Be

By James Newcomb | 05/03/2021 |

The secret is out. I married up. In this episode of The Committed, my beautiful wife Sana and I talk shop, have fun, and tell…

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That Time I Allowed Someone Else to Steer My Ship

By James Newcomb | 04/27/2021 |

Many moons ago, around April 2016 to be exact, I was fully immersed in hosting and producing a podcast called Trumpet Dynamics. This show is…

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If You Build It, They Will Pass By

By James Newcomb | 04/26/2021 |

The following is a true story. This past weekend, Sana and I met some of her coworkers for lunch at the nearby mall. It was…

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When You Know What to Say, You’ll Know What to Play

By James Newcomb | 04/22/2021 |

My wife Sana and I just watched the biopic of the great Frank Sinatra on Netflix. If you’re in the market for a great watch,…

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It Really Doesn’t Matter What I Think of Your Show

By James Newcomb | 04/21/2021 |

This past week, my colleague Jim Lambie sent me a Voxer message about a podcast recording he had just done. Like anyone beginning something brand…

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Do This Before You Cut Down That Tree

By James Newcomb | 04/20/2021 |

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was visiting my great uncle Bob at his property in Tenstrike, MN. It’s about a 5 hour…

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Please Pray About This

By James Newcomb | 04/19/2021 |
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