The One Word You Don’t Want to Hear At the Barbershop

By James Newcomb | 04/16/2021 |
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2019 Standards No Longer Apply

By James Newcomb | 04/15/2021 |

Last week, I was given the task of republishing an episode one of my clients originally published a couple of years ago. I guess an…

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“We Just Couldn’t Let Poor Goldy Go”

By James Newcomb | 04/14/2021 |

When I was a boy, our family had a dog, a loving, not-the-brightest-bulb-on-the-scoreboard golden retriever. We named him “Goldy.” Goldy was a handful for our…

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I Don’t Want nor Need to Do This Gig, I Choose to Do This Gig

By James Newcomb | 04/13/2021 |

Funny how time and experience shifts our priorities in life. I’ve had a few jam sessions playing trumpet and cornet with a very talented pianist here in…

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I Need to Rest On Saturdays to Get Ahead

By James Newcomb | 04/11/2021 |

I just read an interesting email from an online marketer I subscribe to. He was talking about the illusion of constantly working on one’s business,…

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What Is the “Product” of the Creative?

By James Newcomb | 04/08/2021 |

Monetization… That’s the golden term of our age. Podcasting is kind of like a digital gold rush. Back in the 1800’s, a few people discovered…

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I’d Be a Heel to Decommit From This One

By James Newcomb | 04/06/2021 |

This past January, I was forced to quarantine for 14 days upon my arrival in Vietnam. It was in the Wyndham Garden maximum security facility…

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There’s No School Like the Old School

By James Newcomb | 04/06/2021 |

One of my favorite resources for learning interviewing skills is the old late-night talk shows, hosted by the likes of Johnny Carson, David Letterman (in…

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Success and Failure Ain’t Always What It Appears

By James Newcomb | 04/05/2021 |

Success and failure can be a bit deceiving when viewed on the surface. To take the illustration of the iceberg, which you see only a…

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Contrarian Easter Thoughts From a Contrarian Easter Thinker

By James Newcomb | 04/04/2021 |

If someone were to ask me to define my religious leanings, I would most likely look at them like a calf looking at a new…

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