Podcasting resources:

Podcasters Paradise - John Lee Dumas' flagship offering, I've been a member since 2015 and still incorporate many of the things I learned in those early days in my business today.

Podcast Websites - An all in one service that offers a top-flight website and podcast hosting in one location

Captivate podcast hosting - Affiliated w/ Podcast Websites, it's used by many of the top names in the industry, and has too many cool features to mention here. It's what I use for my hosting, and what I recommend new clients to use.

libsyn podcast hosting - They're basically the Ford Motor co. of podcasting. Not the most stylish, but reliable.

The Feed: An informational podcast published by libsyn

Repurpose - An outstanding resource for easily repurposing podcasts into youtube videos, social media posts, and much more

Descript - Seemingly updating their platform every 5 minutes, Descript will transcribe audio with decent accuracy, leaving a bit of cleanup with grammar, punctuation, capitalization. It also removes filler words "um, uh, you know..." and much more. It literally saves hours upon hours of tedious labor every month.

Royalty Free Music:

Audio Jungle

Pond 5

Ben Sound