Why Rosy the Transcription Specialist Loves Her Job

As promised to my boss, James Newcomb, I draft the article to share the reason I chose to be a transcription editor.

After I broke up with my 7-year-love and tried to get out of the toxic relationship I had with him, I came to ask my boss James to give me some more work to keep my mind busy, so it won’t wander here and there with the fellow traveler full of negative thoughts. So, here I am now a transcription editor.

It’s not a boring job when you like it, truly like it, especially when you listen to interviews of famous and the most influential people in different fields everyday such as New York Times bestselling author and fitness guru Ben Greenfield or talks about William Vacchiano, the New York Phiharmonic trumpeter.

Each transcription is like an interesting book or a movie that I imagine I’m living in the situations of interviewees.

My tear dropped when hearing Wayne Pederson, president of Reach Beyond and vice president at Radio at Moody in Chicago, sharing struggles and deal with losses of life. He went through various seasons and various losses, especially when Norma, the love of his life, passed away because of cancer, or struggles in his mind to get over his lifetime favorite job loss. The way he managed to find support group that people “prayed together, shared everything together”, “handed on him, prayed for him and cried with him” helped me a lot in how pressing forward should be.

I’m eager to access “Intermittent fasting windows” and learn healthy ways of eating and fueling the body or using music to upgrade my brain from Abel James, the New York Times best-selling author and the host of the award-winning Fat Burning Man show rated an Apple number one health podcast in eight countries with over 50 million downloads.

I’m scared at the fact that tornado and COVID pandemic hit the life of the trumpet player, Preston Bailey, made the hard stop of his career in April, “where there’s nothing to do, there’s no work to be.”

I could learn how the music player experienced a deep time of introspection and trying to figure out what he wanted out of life and the biggest takeaways that he had from this is “as a freelance musician, you’re like a shark. You stop and you die”.

How the person was working to the bone to survive and started thebeardedtrumpet.com, is a feasible way to do during the pandemic.

I’m excited to know “The fourth quarter of life can be the most productive, the most satisfying season of life. Football games are won or lost in the fourth quarter.”

The job has challenges but I like challenging myself. The worst problem is that I can not resist doze in the office. Caffeine does not help when you sit in a comfortable office with little cute puppy, Cinnamon, licking your fingers and put headphones on all the time. Then, the boss must wake his office slumber up by his cornet melody.

I’m proud of what I am doing and that’s work I choose and want to do, not work that I have to do.

Being a transcription editor is like being in the sea of knowledge and I have to pick up something to apply in my life each day.

Stay busy and live a meaningful life.