Why My Wife is My Wife

I’m going to be frank for a moment. (Then I’ll go back to being James, cue trap set.)

I married up. To this day, I’m not 100% certain why my wife Sana married a guy like me.

She’s educated, sophisticated, humble, submissive, was taught how to be a decent person – thanks to her mother (who sometimes reads these emails, so I’m being extra nice in this one 😉

And me? Well, I’m not totally worthy of a woman like that for a number of reasons, but since I’ve got one you won’t hear me complaining.

When we met two years ago, I was fresh out of the most toxic relationship you can imagine, so there was some healing yet to take place. Meaning I wasn’t exactly ready to go full-steam into a new relationship with the intent to eventually marry. But after I spoke with Sana a few times, I knew I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t make it my life’s mission to win her affection. I didn’t know exactly how my life would be better, I just knew it would be better.

Not to mention my now 7-year old son (he was just turning 5 when Sana and I met), who stands to gain a wee bit from her influence in his life as well.

So last night while we were going for our evening walk, I asked her, “Sweetness, what made you choose me?”

She said, “You were always calling me. Anytime another guy would call or email, you were right there too.” Not a verbatim quote, but that’s the essence of it.

In other words, I simply called on her more than the next guy, and the next guy after that.

I’m scratching my head, wondering if there’s a lesson to be learned from this.

Hmm, let’s see…

Maybe being persistent. Going for what you know is your destiny. Having a single focus and pursuing it with everything in you until you have it.

I didn’t worry about bothering her. If anything, I wanted to bother her, so much so that she wouldn’t even think of talking to the guy who was afraid of sending an email everyday for fear he would offend her.

It worked for courting the best woman I’ve ever known, and I’ve found it works for trivial things such as building an audience.

I’ve been emailing (almost) daily for the last couple of months. Yes, a few have unsubscribed from the list. Actually, more have unsubscribed than have subscribed at this point.

But I’ve also received many positive comments, and even a referral for a motivated young man who wants to learn my business, and I have to think this persistent communication is part of the reason why.

Sana and I have both had to show extraordinary persistence and commitment the first two years of our relationship. So much so that I named my business “Committed Media” and started a new podcast by the same name.

Sana and I talked about this in the newest edition of The Committed podcast.

We also talked about “adding megahertz” to her voice to “make it sound sexy.” I still don’t know exactly what that means, but sometimes you just say, “Yes dear” and get on with life.

I invite you to check out the episode by clicking this link.

James Newcomb